1950 - 2000

Walter Erlebacher

Christ, 1976
(another view seen here )

Lloyd Glasson

Dancer/Yoko, 1985

Jacques Lipchitz (1891-1973)

Spirit of Enterprise, 1960

Portrait of Eleanor Gray, 1967    Portrait of Franklin Watkins, 1947

Harry Rosin (1897-1973)

David Cargill, Texas (b. 1928)

Helene Sardeau (1899-1969)

Figure, 1952, 28 inches

Donald DeLue (1897-1988)

Boy Scout Memorial, 1964

Donald DeLue

Alexander astride Bucephalus, 1956-1986

Kalvero Kallio)

James Forrestal, 1950

Michael Price (1941-2001)

Sheep and Goats (When I Was Thirsty)

Leo Mol

Taras Shvchenko Memorial, 1964

Leo Friedlander

Art of War, 1951

Robert Krantz (1918-1995)

Marshall Fredericks

Expanding Universe Fountain, 1962

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note:this is a link to Erhardy's own site -- with an incredibly prolific display of portrait and figure sculpture made over six decades - always elegant, always strong, but changing, with the times, from the heroic to the personal.

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Bathsheba (14")    click here for Milton Horn

Richard J. Miller: Bull      click here for Richard J. Miller

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Dallas J. Anderson
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Dean Meeker (1920-2002)

William E. Artis (1914 - 1977)

Paul Granlund (1925-2003)

Nelli Bar (1904-2001)

John Cavanagh (1921-1985)

Jack Zajac (b. 1929)

stephen Werlick (1932-2010)

Abbott Pattison (1917-1999)

Rodney Alan Shaw (1935-2014)





Masters of the 20th Century