Hugo Robus (Juror)
Two in Pattern - 45 inches

David Smith (Juror)
Flight - 33 inches

Jose de Creeft (juror)
Les Adieux - 8 feet high

Cecil Howard (juror)
The Sacrifice - 6 feet,6 inches

Robert Laurent (juror)
Lot's Wife - 67 inches

William Zorach (juror)
"New Horizon - 43 inches high

Donal Hord (juror)
Thunder - 20 inches high

Joseph J Greenberg,Jr
Eve - 57 inches

Ara Derdarian
Young Woman, 37 inches

Bruno Innocenti
Liliana with the tambourine - 40 inches

Milton Horn
Job - 60 inches

Paul Kirchmer
Christ before Pilate - 32 inches

Albert W. Wein
Europa and the Bull - 13 inches

Richard J Miller
Bull - 12 inches high

Elis Velikovsky
Caryatid - 14 inches

Charles Rudy
The Letter - 20 inches

Portrait of Hugh Stix - 18 inches

Jeanne Urich
Father and Son - 26 inches

Cesare Stea
Head of a Woman - 20 inches

Henry Rox
Lazarus - 44 inches

Milton Hebald
The Storm - 45 inches

Oronzio Maldarelli
Triad - 78 inches

Merle James Edelman
Gesture - 37 inches

Marianna Pineda
Sleepwalker - 39 inches

Marian Brackett Titus
Devotion - 23 inches

Lu Duble
Dark Mother - 40 inches

Robert Moir
Mother and Child - 23 inches

Winslow Bryan Eaves
Kneeling Figure - 19 inches



This page presents examples selected from the first (and last) national juried exhibit of contemporary American sculpture conducted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, organized by their first curator of contemporary American art, Robert Beverly Hale. (now best known for his books and videotapes on anatomy) Hale's essay from the catalog and the complete list of jurors and exhibitors are found on the attached page

The exhibit included 101 pieces, of which 45 were pictured in the catalog ( 9 of which were non-figurative ). But Hale noted the ascendancy of the non-figurative in his essay: " And as this trend is so evidently the delight of youth and the despair of age it may be expected to increase."

The participants shown below are divided into two groups - the first group is the jury of prominent sculptors selected by Hale, while the second group are those who were approved by the jury.

Many in this second group were prominent sculptors as well, including Alexander Archipenko, Alexander Calder, Chaim Gross, Milton Hebald, Paul Manship, and Harry Rosin


Masters of the 20th Century