Bruce Gagnier (U.S.A., born 1942)

Paige Bradley (U.S.A.)
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Damian Meehan (Australia)

Sharon Bumann (U.S.A.)
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Nigel Konstam (U.K.)
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John Sims (U.K.)
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Mike Jones (U.S.)

John Williams (UK)
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Vala Ola (UK-USA)
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Bernardo (USA)
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Claudio Barake (Brazil)
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Florian Raiss (Brazil)
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Philip Wakeham

Peter Koene (Dutch)
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Stephen Mirabella (U.S.A.)

Benjamin Victor (U.S.A.)
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Agnes Baillon (France) b. 1963
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Bernard Rinchon (France) b. 1956
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Most of the 21st C. sculpture on my site is there because I hunted it down from magazines and websites - and for every hundred pieces that I see, there's only a few that I want to see again.

But some people are kind enough to send me pictures, and this area is a kind of reception room for everything that gets received.

As viewers must know by now, my tastes are unpredictable.

There's no telling what I like - and often, I'm not really sure myself.

But this is a page for showing almost everything.


Masters of the 20th Century